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“Wonder Women”
44th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards-Won Outstanding Travel & Adventure Program


“Ordinary Life”
Short Shorts Film Festival-Nominated for Best Picture
Environmental Film Festival of Accra- Nominated for Best Picture
Environmental Film Festival in The Nation’s Capital- Nominated for Best Picture
Bay Area International Children’s Film Festival- Nominated for Best Picture


“Anne Jennings”
Nagaoka Asian Film Festival-Won Best Director
Yasujiro Ozu Memorial Tateshinakogen Film Festival-Won the Runner-Up Award
Los Angeles Movie Awards-Won Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Original Score
Alaska International Film Festival-Won Kodiak Award
Los Angeles Reel Film Festival-Won Best Foreign Film and Best Screenplay
California Film Awards-Won Silver Award and Best Actress


“Akira’s Hip Hop Shop”
Directors Guild of America (DGA)-Won Best Director student film award
The 5th Annual Con-Can Movie Festival-Nominated for Best Picture

2017 US first ICBM intercept test coverage in Santa Barbara, Nippon TV
2017 Trump inauguration coverage, Nippon TV
2016-2017 “Shambhala”, Japan-India feature film, Flying Samurai Pictures
2016 “Inside Zoetrope”, short film, Flying Samurai Pictures
2016 “Wonder Women”, feature documentary film, Feeln
2016 “Message From Gaia”, feature documentary film, Film Voice
2016 “Mitsubishi UFJ Bank corporate video”, Creative Compound
2016 “Tsutaya”, TV Commercial, Top Culture
2015 Syrian refugees documentary, Nippon TV
2015 “Tochigi agricultural promotion”, Flying Samurai Pictures
2015 “Tochigi promotional short films”, Flying Samurai Pictures
2014 “Slit Mouth Woman in L.A.”, Horror feature film, Lily Films
2014 “Godzilla 2014 Movie Premiere in Hollywood”, Nippon TV
2013 “Ordinary Life”, Flying Samurai Pictures
2012 “Proactive”, TV Commercial, Guthy Renker
2012 “Chain”, feature film, Flying Samurai Pictures
2011 “WEN”, infomercial, Guthy Renker
2010 “Pioneer 3D Shoot”, Pioneer Corporation
2010 “Saki”, feature film, Team J Production
2009 “Sony 3D Home Theatre Promotion”, Sony PCL
2009 “Anne Jennings”, Flying Samurai Pictures
2009 “Cover for 81st Academy Award”, Nippon TV